Get several tips on how to get the most out of your original, intimate and luxurious villa holiday in Croatia with a little help of Adriatic Partner, a specialized travel planning agency and your reliable partner.

  1. Shared Luxury with Friends

Treat yourself and your friends to a sea view luxury villa stay in Croatia during the Autumn, the ideal period of the year to let loose and unwind in style.  By this time, there are less crowds in Croatia destinations as most families have wrapped up their holiday trips returning to work and school.  During September and most of October, the weather in Croatia is still beautiful and as such ideal for a group get away.

Villas typically have several bedrooms and hence offer enough space for an average of 10 people.  Besides sharing accommodation costs, the common areas are yours alone and the group will stay intact, unlike in hotels where space gets split up into individual rooms.   Your group will be able to enjoy the pool and other common space amenities such as swimming pool, dining room and sports facilities.

  1. Privacy, Security & Freedom

As a rule, holiday villas are separated from the center of towns providing the highest level of privacy and peace through an adequate separation from main roads, neighbors and other guests.

By spending your get away in a private vacation villa, you are completely free to organize your time in a way that suits you.  Late-night swimming in the outdoor pool, organizing games like water polo without worrying about space or the noise levels. All of the facilities are at your fingertips, and it’s up to you how you will enjoy them in complete peace.

  1. Reliable When You Need Us

No Chatting Bots – While the most popular reservation platforms are great for browsing and getting a first-hand idea for various stay options due to their easy-to-use search filters, this kind of booking service usually lacks personalization, especially in situations when the immediate assistance is needed, such as a delayed or missed flight.  For example, a use of chat bots or booking agents responding from a centralized and outsourced contact centers from another part of the world had only added to the overall travel stress for many holiday makers who booked in this manner.

Personal Reservation – As a specialized boutique agency, Adriatic Partner provides you with a personal agent who takes care of your reservation through all the phases of your journey: planning, booking, arrival, stay and post-stay.  Our agents are in close and frequent contact with villa owners, cultivating tight working relationships which include our regular check-up visits during which we provide direct input on what service elements should be improved.

Range of Villas

Check a brief overview of our luxury villas offering the stunning views of cliffs, beaches, authenticity & outdoors’ dreamland.

You may also explore Adriatic Partner’s full range of luxury villas by each Croatia region:



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