Visit the charming family bungalows at San Antonio Mediterranean Holiday Village, hidden in pine trees near the town of Biograd. When making plans for a family holiday, you often have to make a choice between serene & relaxing ambience vs. the kind that is vibrant, often accompanied by the hustle and bustle of urban towns or busy holiday resorts.

What if you enjoy the natural setting, yet dislike the discomfort of camping ? Your choices become even more complex. Imagine if you could have the best of all three worlds? Stay in your own safe area, yet conveniently scout out to the nearby attractions such as nature parks, adrenaline-based themed parks or historical towns whenever you please.

Hidden Among Century-Old Pinetrees
Our vision of a well-balanced family travel is embodied through San Antonio Mediterranean Holiday Village situated in the near vicinity of historic croatian town of Biograd. The village is a charming collection of comfortable stone bungalows. They are hidden among the century old old pinetrees which provide soothing scents accompanied by tweets of local birds and crickets. While peaceful and quiet, collection of 69 bungalows spread over an area of 17.000 square meters. The settlement is only 300 m away from the beautiful Dražica Beach.

Social-Friendly & Comfortable
The pool with crystal like dazzling water is a central social place in the village where your children will be entertained, while you enjoy your favorite cocktail. Bungalows provide modern amenities, include spacious bedroom, a bathroom with a shower or a bathtul and a terrace with a seating area. Family units consist of two bedrooms that share a bathroom and a terrace.

Culinary Delights
Simple, accessible, yet authentic & delightful are the appropriate attributes of San Antonio’s cuisine. Centrally located in the village, the restaurant uses organically grown ingredients within the vast range of croatian and international seafood & meat variant specialties.

Divert to the Nearby Attractions
A medieval town of Biograd na Moru is within the walking distance from the village. Stroll through the historic town center, once the capital of the Croatian Kingdom from the 11th century, enjoy the sites of fascinating cathedrals and basillicas built by the King Petar Kresimir the IV and visit the Homeland War Museum .

Vrana Lake Nature Park is another nearby attraction where you can embark on the exploratory adventure. Take this 10-minute drive, and get away to bike or kayak while learning about 260 protected bird species that live in this cryptodepressive natural wonder.

Amusement Fun Park Biograd by Mirnovec is where you want to go to for a fun overdose and explore over 30 adrenaline attractions and food venues revolving around children-favorite themes: Space, Pirate City or Wild West.

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