We bring you an overview of some of Dubrovnik’s most prominent natural attractions worth visiting on your tailor-made Croatia holiday.

Welcome to a land of thousand islands, scents and tastes, a part of the old world that seduces with all that is natural, cultural, authentic and Mediterranean. Pristine waters at the most southern tip of the Croatian coast hide a true gem, a UNESCO heritage sensation, the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Mount Srđ

Mount Srđ rises to the north of Dubrovnik over 400 meters above sea level. Visit the Fort Imperial, a home to the Homeland War memorial museum displaying series of photos and videos, but most importantly the weaponry used in the attack launched from this site against Dubrovnik in 1991. Priceless view of the panorama overlooking the entire town, the open Adriatic and islands at this mountain is accessible within minutes by a cable car. Enjoy the cool breeze and the view while sipping your coffee in a spectator area of a local restaurant.

Remote & Pristine Beaches

Pasjača Beach
Pristine and beautiful beaches are the highlight of any summer holiday. Pasjača Beach is a local treasure accessible from the nearby Konavle region. Pasjača has been recognized as the Best European Beach in 2019. by the web portal European Best Destinations.

Situated at the bottom of the steep Konavle cliffs, it may only be accessed by taking the long, steep stairs, that had been cut into the cliff. There is a height difference of 250 metres from top of the cliff to the bottom of the beach. Pasjača Beach is only a ten-minute drive away from town of Cavtat and a 30-minute drive away from Dubrovnik. Clear blue sea, beautiful rocky cliffs and the atmosphere lacking the hustle and bustle of music, crowds, clubs and beach bars are the defining attributes of this beach.

Šunj Beach on the Lopud Island
Šunj Beach on the island of Lopud is a sandy beach that radiates with pure beauty, being surrounded by the pine forest and providing a breathtaking view of the open Adriatic sea. Reachable by foot, bike or a scooter, it is a well protected gem ideal for all generations. Being shallow, it is ideal for beach volleyball or a locally famous game of „picigin“.

Hidden Bays and Romantic Beaches on the island of Lokrum

Known as the Island of Love, Lokrum is only a 10 minute boat ride from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It is uninhabited island with beautiful bays surrounded by the pine forests. It is a perfect place for a boat hide away on a sunny and beautiful day.

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