One thing is for sure – no one can tell when the pandemic will be over.  The Pfizer pharmaceuticals announced that their soon to be completed vaccine is expected to be 90% effective in preventing COVID 19, however, it is difficult to know when can we expect it to be released, probably not sooner than springtime 2021. We do know that travelling will change; it for sure will not stay as it was pre- pandemic.  Social distancing has become a number one priority and travellers are looking for best vacations for a social distancing trip.


The Euronews has recently released their ‘Trave after 2020’ report highlighting the biggest travelling trends in 2021.  It has placed the highlight to the following trends:

  • The wilderness tourism
    Everyone seems to be looking for open spaces vacays – going into the wilderness, national parks and forests. Everyone’s number one priority is to escape the crowds.
  • Ecotourism
    We are all trying to find ways to contribute to a greener environment. Going green and exploring eco-products while travelling is on the rise.
  • Nomadic tourismThere is an emerging trend of travellers taking trips in several domestic locations, instead of visiting only one destination. Travelling slow pace, visiting several locations.
  • Wellness tourism
    Longevity retreats are expected to become more popular as many travellers have become aware of their own vulnerability
  • Authentic tourism
    Providing authentic experiences.  Creating direct contact with local communities in a safe way.
  • Mindful tourism
    Less is more attitude instead of packed itineraries


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