We all know travelling is not easy during the pandemic. There are several questions coming to our mind. Is it safe? Will I catch the virus when travelling? What precautions can I take? Will my insurance cover my costs if I get infected? Many other questions come to our mind when thinking about holidaying at the time of the pandemic.

However, we all experienced a difficult 2020 year and many of us have been looking forward to a holiday for ages now. It has not been easy for any of us across the globe – we all have been influenced by this pandemic, one way or another.  It is important to highlight there is always a chance to get infected, somehow, but you can do your best to try to protect yourself and your family as much as you can.

Adriatic Partner advises you to think about the following prior to your travels:

  • Your age and overall health

If you are older and suffer from chronic disease, we suggest not to travel and to stay at home. The coronavirus mostly impacts elderly with existing conditions, therefore your number one priority should be to stay safe. In addition, if you suffer from any respiratory disease, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, or any other serious condition, you should reconsider your travel plans. 

  • The destination you plan to visit

Make sure to investigate the destination you plan to visit. Take into consideration the number of reported cases and the overall health situation in the country you plan to visit. There are many countries with a high risk of getting infected,  so it is crucial you have all the information prior to travelling. Adriatic Partner will recommend only the safe destinations; however, the entire coastline of Croatia has been known for its safety and high hygiene standards

  • Keep yourself safe prior to and during your travel

Avoid crowds, wash hands regularly, keep your distance and wear face masks. Always have a cleaning spray with you and sanitize your hands regularly.

  • Be informed about your insurance

If you do get infected, it is important to have all the details about possible medical care in the country you plan to visit.   Make sure to have travel health insurance booked to have you covered in case you get infected

We wish you safe travels and hopefully, this horrendous pandemic will soon be over.

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