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Pleasantly Warm to the Mediterranean Hot

Being at the most southern tip of Croatia, Dubrovnik and the surrounding area offer the extended sunbathing season, with temperatures remaining around 30°C for the most of May, June, September and October.

Croatian holiday is more than meets the eye with signature experiences ranging from prominent island hopping, exploration of history and culture of Dubrovnik, exclusive wine tasting on Pelješac peninsula and luxury lodging on beachfront or stunning cliffs overlooking the Croatian Adriatic.

Depending on a time of the season, we bring you a set of tailor-made experience in Dubrovnik, a UNESCO heritage sensation and one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities.


Signature Experiences


Get inspired by an adventure & intrigue and create lifelong memories by trying the Elaphiti Island Cruise on Karaka, a magnificent replica of the historic merchant ship that takes you on a sail into the 16th century.  Romantic evening sail gives you a taste of what it was like during the Ragusa Republic.  Sit back, relish the local culinary specialties while sailing through the pictoresque villages of the surrounding islands.

Another avant-garde experience during the springtime is a night event on Karaka, a replica of a merchant ship used during the Republic of Ragusa, an aristocratic maritime republic centered in the city of Dubrovnik.  Karaka helps us bring out the character of the swashbuckling buccaneer type of Renaissance extravaganza as we rely on hands-on expertise in organizing special day experiences such as intimate wine tastings.  Embark on a wine tasting journey and get a feel of preserved authenticity while exploring new & exciting tastes.

We from the Adriatic Partner collaborate closely with our partner agency brand, the Adriatic Incentives, in organizing half-day wine tastings and Modri pjat, renown professional caterers.



Summer is ideal for the Island Hopping adventure.  Bold, rocky with crystal clear waters, the 6278 km of the croatian coast is a home of 1244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs forming a stunning archipelago.

Some of the magnificent ways to get lost include island hopping tours among the unforgettable Kornati National Park Archipelago, enjoying the underwater fishing near Hvar or visiting the remarkable lighthouse of Palagruža, the most remote Croatian island.

For a more illustrative idea of how to organize the most original and finest way of island hopping for you, your family or friends, read more about the MS Adriatic King luxury vessel and Adriatic’s Partner itinerary.




This time of the year is perfect to explore the scenic Adriatic and picturesque vineyards clinging to the rocky hillsides.

  • Pelješac and Korčula Wine Tasting experience includes a trip to a nearby Korčula, a town on the Pelješac peninsula near Dubrovnik, the birthplace of Marco Polo. Savor the exceptional croatian food and wine!


  • Exploring the historical and cultural heritage of Dubrovnik is yet another experience suitable for the autumn, providing an added value to personal growth. Travel back in time and envision what it was like to live during the Renaissance period!


  • Autum is the ideal period of the year to let loose and unwind in style. Get the most out of your original, intimate and luxurious villa holiday in Croatia with a little help by us from the Adriatic Partner.  Find out more on this peculiar luxury villa experience which offers everything from privacy, security, freedom and outmost luxury.


Personalized Bookings

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